Lake Tahoe Wedding Venues

So you got engaged and can’t wait to start looking at different venues! Before you start running around looking at hundreds of venues, keep these tips to keep in mind to help you choose the best venue for your big day!

First off, sit down and set  a budget. It is important to have an idea in your head of how much you are going to spend before you start looking. This can easily cross of some places from the list, or help you see what kinds of venues are possible. It is important to talk with the event planners at the locations to see what kind of deals you can make without completely blowing the budget. Once you have a budget set, stick to it and go explore the possibilities! piggy

Location, location, location. The next thing you want to do is decide just where on the lake you would like this wedding to be. Is it going to be a smaller, more intimate wedding that could be easily done on a beach? Or is it going to be a much larger scale wedding that will   need more space? Once you decide this, you can begin with the venue selection process. For the smaller weddings, it is easy to simply reserve a spot at a beach or smaller venue. However, there are many large scale resorts and restaurants that have the capability of holding bigger weddings. Keep in mind who will be attending this wedding and the accessibility to the venue- we don’t want guests to have issues getting to the event. Remember, this day is for you and your loved ones to celebrate and no matter where the wedding is held, they will all be happy to see you taking on a new adventure in your life.


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