Family Reunions

Planning a Family Reunion 101

Looking to plan your family’s next big event but not quite sure where to start? We can Help you! 

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First things first- Don’t do it all by yourself. Planning an event is a very stressful task, especially with the whole family expecting something amazing. Instead of letting them sit back and watch, get them involved! Teamwork makes everything better!Image result for team workStart planning ahead of time- Giving yourself plenty of time will take the stress and last minute issues out of the event! This gives the whole family plenty of time to plan for the event! After all, this is supposed to be a fun time for everyone! Related image

Location and date can make or break the event! Once you pick a date, time and place, stick to it! Like I said before, the family will be planning months in advance to attend this event and any last minute changes will ruin their set plans!Image result for calendar

But Most Importantly, Have Fun!!! Make sure that there is something for everyone. From the grandparents and great grandparents to the babies of the family, everyone needs to be entertained. Having a varieties of activities will ensure that everyone has a great day spending time with the family! Some of our favorites are family tree activities, photo booths and carnival games!      Family friendly game ideas here!

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